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12.28 (Monday)

On Christmas last Friday, markets in Europe, America and Asia Pacific were closed, and the market was relatively light. Last Thursday, the US Congress passed a large-scale epidemic relief and government funding merger bill, but Trump refused to sign and requested amendments to the bill. The market fears that millions of Americans will lose relief and may cause federal agencies to shut down due to lack of funds

With the U.S. epidemic in serious condition and federal relief looming, Mr. Trump is under pressure to sign a stimulus bill that includes $1.4 trillion in combined spending to fund defense spending and domestic programs, and a new $900 billion relief bill.

The signing of the economic stimulus has supported the US index in the short term, and the US index rebounded slightly in the Asian market. Due to the greater impact of the epidemic, the economy has slowed down, and a large number of relaxations have an inflationary effect in the long run. The US index is still in a weak trend.

On the other hand, the fall of Brexit has also promoted the rise of non-US currencies. With the spread and influence of the new COVID19 virus strain, most parts of England were under emergency blockade, and Europe and many countries cut off its traffic connections. Cause investors to worry about the recent market.

Due to the New Year’s Day holiday approaching this week, most exchanges will be closed. Investors need to pay attention to relevant global exchange announcements. This week’s fundamentals need to pay attention to the spread of the mutated new COVID19 virus and national restrictions. The EU leaders will hold a meeting to discuss the results of the EU-UK negotiations. The House of Commons will also vote on the Brexit trade agreement

The pound rose strongly against the dollar after a correction last week and recorded a positive line. The early trading opened slowly, the weekly long-term trend was strong, and the daily-level oscillated at a high level. The pound is still your main bargain-hunting.

Long—term strategy: activists buy long near 1.35500, stop loss 1.35200, target 1.36100



The steadys can wait for the pound to pull back, if it does not break near 1.35200. Buy up near 1.35200, stop loss at 1.35000, target near 1.36000

The euro against the US dollar recorded a small negative line last week, and the early trading opened continuously rising. The daily level is mostly volatile at high levels.

The small cycle level is in the oscillation range, waiting for the callback to buy mainly.

Short-term strategy: short near 1.22100, stop loss near 1.22300, target near 1.21700

Long-term strategy: buy up near 1.22000, stop loss near 1.21700, target near 1.22600

Today’s key news:

17:00 EU leaders will convene a meeting to discuss the structure of EU-UK negotiations


The above strategy is for reference only, not as a basis for entering the market. Investment is risky and you must be cautious when entering the market.

Foreign Exchange Analysis…By Aine at Spark Global

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